Friday, June 17, 2011

Museum Day at Mitchell State School, Queensland

The Prep/Grade 1 classroom at Mitchell State School turned into a museum this morning, with plenty of community involvement from parents, grandparents and other interested people. Doug and I came into the 'other interested people' category, with a special invitation from Sophie, handwritten with a quill.

Doug's contribution was an old push-type lawnmower which gave children the opportunity to have a go at hand-mowing grass.

I brought along a hand beater, two brown eggs and two glass bowls -- all wrapped in brown paper. No plastics in those days! Sophie cracked the eggs, separated yokes from whites and began the process of whipping the whites into a stiff, fluffy consistency. Everyone had a turn.

Other activities included Sandi who spun wool using her spinning wheel; and Angie who taught the children how to crochet. A collection of things 'from the olden days' was also on display.

The Prep/Grade 1 teacher, Deb Moore, is a dedicated and talented teacher who has created an attractive and stimulating space where children can achieve their full potential. Inviting the community to share this space links the school to the community of Mitchell in a very special way.

Thank you Sophie for inviting us to your Museum Day.

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