Monday, June 20, 2011

The value or otherwise of Council Planning Sessions

Planning for the future was the aim of the Maranoa Regional Council's Placemaking Design Session, held at the Mitchell Memorial Hall -- this afternoon between 2 and 6 p.m.

I went along to suggest the building of several interconnected walking tracks: along the river to the weir; and along the river, over the old crossing, through the Yumba and then over the foot bridge to the spa.

One of the consultants, Shaun Walsh, listened attentively to what I suggested and then, using a map of the town, discussed various options with me. However, another member of the team slept through the 10 minutes or so I was there. It was five o'clock and presumably he'd had hard day! Alternatively, he may have found what I had to say, incredibly boring. Only he will know the truth.

I find myself a bit cynical about the value of sessions like this. We tell the council what we want for the benefit of our town, and then maybe, in two years time, something will be done.

But I like things to happen sooner rather than later. If something is deemed to be advantageous, why not implement it straight away?

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