Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes

On my walk with Major, late this afternoon, I paused to talk to a secondary school art teacher, who's travelling to the Northern Territory during her 12 month break from teaching.

"Mitchell seems very much into the arts," she commented, and I agreed. Reaching out to pat my German shepherd she asked, "Does he eat ox heart?"

Surprised, I replied, "Yes," and then she went on to say, "My friend bought a huge ox heart to use as bait for crayfish and we only need a small portion. Would you like the rest?"

Back at their camp in the Major Mitchell Caravan Park she sliced off a piece and wrapped the remaining hunk in two layers of plastic. Handing it to me she continued, "It'd be a pity to have it go to waste when your dog could eat it."

The parcel of meat was remarkably heavy (over 2 kg), so by the time I'd walked all the way home I was glad to place its straight in the freezer.

It's amazing to think that the heart of a bullock weighs so much. But it's equally amazing to have been the recipient of such an unusual gift!

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