Monday, June 6, 2011

Mulberry trees are a symbol of abundance

The mulberry tree growing alongside the Maranoa River -- near the road bridge -- has survived countless droughts and floods; yet still flourishes.

When we saw it for the first time, four years ago, it had a single trunk with a large canopy. Last year flood waters pushed it over, and instead of dying, the tree sprouted at lease 30 trunks, each with a canopy that produced abundant fruit.

Now, in the month of June 2011, when it would normally have lost its leaves and be in a dormant phase, it still has plenty of green leaves, along with some that have yellowed.

We've had a few frosts and so far most of the green leaves have escaped damage. I'm left wondering if the tree will hang on to its last year's foliage and miss its leafless stage? Miss the new growth typical of spring?

I've no doubt, however, that come October the tree will drip luscious black mulberries. Plenty for everyone to feast upon, including the birds.

For me, this particular tree is a spectacular example of survival. In recent times it's survived a seven-year drought and two raging floods.

This tree is also symbolic of the abundance of Nature. Year in year out, it gives generously of itself.

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