Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A cold spell in Mitchell keeps me indoors

Due to low temperatures and frequent showers of rain, today's been an inside day for me and the dogs.

I've been fully occupied doing the second last read-through of my book "Double Life". Every time I read it I find things to either improve or alter slightly. One day I'm going to have to say, "It's finished!". Meanwhile, my exercise bike, located in our living area, has kept me exercised; and socially, two lots of neighbours have called in.

Katie is content to sleep alongside my chair, and Del and Major to play with their many toys indoors.

Our two German shepherds have a cardboard box full of soft toys (some squeaky), balls and pieces of rope. Both dogs are content to play and entertain themselves -- much to our amusement.

Frequent runs outside to chase away feral cats, mice and crows have given the dogs sufficient exercise. This morning, each dog had a juicy bone to eat on the verandah, and now I'm just about to feed them their evening meal. Of course, they eat before us!

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