Sunday, June 26, 2011

Major's second birthday celebration walk

To mark the occasion of my German shepherd's second birthday, I took him for a longer than usual walk.

Overhead, eight sulphur-crested white cockatoos screeched as they flew towards the river, their wings lit with sunshine.

One of the tracks we walked along brought to mind how different the climate is in outback Queensland, compared to 'down south' at Phillip Island. You can see it in the grasses. The summer rain has produced waist high grass, and now, in mid-winter the soil's bone dry and the grass is bleached by repeated frosts. So much so, there's a fire risk.

On the other hand though, I like the look of tall golden grasses. I also enjoy the feel and sound as the grass crunches brittle beneath my feet.

On a walk that took us about three-quarters of an hour, several Willie wagtails swooped and flirted around us, chattering excitedly. I like to think they were saying, "Happy birthday Major!"

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