Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tourists love the word FREE

One of Doug's many volunteer jobs around Mitchell is to provide travellers with up-to-date info relating to this small outback town.

With this in mind, Doug built two notice boards and placed them where the pathway leads from the Major Mitchell Caravan Park, down to the Maranoa River, across the bridge and over to the spa and township of Mitchell.

One notice board gives tourists info about all the FREE things they can do and see around the town. The other concentrates on events -- many of which are free too. The aim is to persuade travellers to stay longer in Mitchell, so they can relax at the spa and enjoy the many attractions.

At the same time, it's hoped they will help boost the economy of the town through purchases of food, fuel and accommodation.

Mitchell is a friendly town and welcomes visitors with a smile and a "G'day".

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