Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Salad greens for spotted bower birds

Doug's vegetable garden is his pride and joy, so when his young snow peas, broccoli and cabbage plants began disappearing he became concerned. Were the culprits caterpillars or grubs -- or birds?.

After close observation, Doug discovered that spotted bower birds were nipping off the soft green leaves, considering them the most delicious salad greens ever! On looking around, we could see the reason why the birds had moved into Doug's garden. Repeated frosts have burned off some of the more edible grasses and weeds -- but in reality, there's plenty left for the birds.

Resourceful as ever, Doug erected what he calls "The Cathedral", a tent-like structure covered with soft bird netting -- over his young plants. Our other circular garden was already covered.

Home-grown vegetables (especially greens) taste much better than supermarket vegetables. Ours have the added benefit of being grown without chemical fertilisers or sprays. I love to pick rocket, lettuce and parsley from the garden only minutes before eating.

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